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SCEEUS Belarus Project

The Belarus Project is a joint initiative of the Stockholm Center for Eastern European Studies (SCEEUS) and the Special Research Programme (SFP) at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI) which aims to increase knowledge and understanding of the contemporary issues and challenges facing Belarus. The relevance and significance of the project is strengthened by Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine, in which Belarus has played a crucial role.

The project includes several dimensions and, inter alia, focuses on:

  • Providing a comprehensive and rigorous analysis on different aspects of Belarusian domestic and foreign policy as well as disseminating findings through both academic and policy outlets.
  • Strengthening visibility of Belarus in Swedish policy-making circles and on the EU level by organizing thematic roundtables and briefings for target stakeholders.
  • Creating a space for communication between scholars, experts and civil society representatives as well as building synergies between different existing initiatives focusing on Belarus.

By fulfilling these goals, this project will contribute to bridging the gap between academic and policy worlds, advance expertise on Belarus and keep this country in the international spotlight.


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