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Russia and the West after the 2021 State Duma Elections


What implications do the conduct, results and repercussions of the elections have for Russian domestic and foreign affairs? SCEEUS hosted a conversation with Vladimir Milov and Anastasiya Sergeeva.

The 2021 State Duma elections on 19 September were the first nation-wide vote under the de facto new Constitution of the Russian Federation that emerged out of the far-reaching amendments of Russia’s basic law in 2020. The elections also happened against the background of increasing tensions between Moscow and the West as well as a pandemic that has hit Russia particularly heavily.

How and in which direction is Russia changing? Which older trends continued and what new trends have emerged during the last year? Which implications do these trends have for Russia’s relations to the EU, US, and her neighboring countries – from Ukraine to China?

The prominent Russian economist and opposition leader Vladimir Milov will reflect on Russia’s state and future after the elections to the Russian parliament, and on possible strategies to support democratization in the post-Soviet space.


Vladimir Milov, former Russian Deputy Energy Minister and opposition leader

Anastasiya Sergeeva, For a Free Russia Association

The webinar was moderated by Fredrik Löjdquist, Director of the Stockholm Centre for Eastern European Studies (SCEEUS) at UI.


Watch the recording of the webinar here

About the event

  • 29 September 21 15:00
  • Zoom (online)

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