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Realizing the Vision of a “Europe Whole, Free and at Peace”


The Stockholm Centre for Eastern European Studies (SCEEUS) at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI) invited to a discussion on the EU’s Eastern Partnership.

The West’s engagement in the EU’s Eastern neighbourhood needs a fresh start 30 years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. We present and discuss a new SCEEUS report that suggests an overhaul of the EU’s approach towards  this region to more vigorously support security, democracy and reforms. The report proposes that the Union’s Eastern Partnership policy more clearly differentiates between the six partner states and focuses on the Association Trio comprising Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. At the same time, the EU should, in all six of the partner countries, renew its promotion of democracy, human rights, and rule of law in line with these countries’ international commitments. How can sustainable reforms be achieved? 


Hugo von Essen, analyst, SCEEUS
Andreas Umland, analyst, SCEEUS


Michael Emerson, Associate Senior Research Fellow, Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) 

The webinar was moderated by John Zachau, analyst at SCEEUS. 


Watch the recording of the webinar  here

About the event

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  • 10 December 21 15:00
  • Zoom (online)

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