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The Stockholm Centre for Eastern European Studies (SCEEUS) is an independent Swedish national centre of competence based at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs. SCEEUS conducts policy relevant analysis on Russia and Eastern Europe. 


The relations to Russia and the other countries in Eastern Europe are of key importance to the foreign and security policy of Sweden.

SCEEUS provides policy relevant analysis and activities about Russian and the other countries in Eastern Europe. The Centre is expected to build a network with other relevant Swedish institutions working on Eastern Europe. Furthermore, the Centre should strenghthen Sweden’s voice in the international conversation on the region. The Centre provides a venue in Sweden and internationally for exchanges on Eastern Europe, which in this case is defines as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. In addition to written reports and analyses, seminars, presentations, conferences, round table discussions and other activities are organized by the Centre.

Key areas

The activities of the SCEEUS will focus on political, economic and societal developments in Russa and the other countries of Eastern Europe. The relations and policies of Sweden, the EU and the West at large towards Eastern Europe are analyzed and subject to policy recommendations. The Centre has Swedish and English as its working languages.

More about SCEEUS

An advisory board provides general guidance to the Centre, including assessing the quality and relevance of the work of the Centre. The advisory board is composed by representatives from Ministry for Foreign Affairs (chair), Swedish Institute for International Affairs (UI), Stockholm Institute for Transition Economics (SITE), Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies at University of Uppsala (IRES) and representative of the Swedish business community.  

Members of the Advisory Board: 
  • Peter Ericson, Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Jakob Hallgren, UI
  • Torbjörn Becker, SITE
  • Carolina Vendil Pallin, FOI
  • Claes Levinsson, IRES
  • Magnus Schöldtz, the Swedish business community

A part of the Swedish Institute of International Affairs

The Centre was established by a Swedish government decision in August 2020. A framework agreement between the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Swedish Institute of International Affairs was concluded later in 2020 and Centre started its activities in Spring 2021, when Centre replaced the previous Russia and Eurasia Program at the Swedish Institute for International Affairs.


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